A Survivor’s Struggle to look after Her People and Herself

A Survivor’s Struggle to look after Her People and Herself

On the podcast: The filmmaker Alexandria Bombach adopted the Yazidi individual rights activist Nadia Murad for the movie “On Her Shoulders.”

Ursula von der Leyen’s Big Promises for Europe

A transcript of this nominee’s remarks in the European Parliament plenary session.

Women With Headscarves require Not Apply in Germany

Germans welcomed an unprecedented quantity of middle Easterners within their country—but not necessarily in their workplaces.

Tear Down the Foreign-Policy Glass Ceiling!

Democratic presidential candidates—and a new band of wonks—are invested in repairing rampant sex inequalities into the national safety workplace.

Trump’s Human Trafficking Record Is Fake News

The U.S. federal government has simply released a very expected individual legal legal legal rights report that whitewashes the consequences of its very own policies.

Brexit Is for Boys

Since 2016, the campaign to go out of europe has been led mainly by guys. The candidates that are remaining prime minister are typical male—and they truly are maybe perhaps not referring to the grave effects of Brexit for females. Continue reading…